Petanque: Cheap to play and a fun day out in the park

  Some of our committee

                                                                             playing with some scarecrows

Here is a competition ball in the making .Note that he starts with the billet at the top and ends with a ball so polished that you cant bear to use it at first and he guarantees its size to a tenth of a millimetre and its weight to a tenth of a gramme.


Latest News : In addition to our calendar we like our members to be aware that there is a Scottish scene available to the keen player. Go to to see a host of competitions available to our members in all corners of the nation. We believe it is beneficial to your game to pit yourself against the better teams now and again!

Sunday 26th May, a dry but very windy day with 9 players competing.

Six rounds played, with one player in each round getting a Bye, scored as a Win, 13-7.

Finishing Positions, Names, Final Scores and Club Championship Points were:

1.      Colin Montgomery (Monty)                 6Wins+30        6

2.      Paul Gillam                                          5Wins+34        5

3.      Margaret Montgomery (Mags)           5Wins+32        4

4.      Stephen Burden                                   4Wins+8          3

5.      Pascal                                                  3Wins+11        2

6.      Carol Cheam                                       2Wins-4           1

7.      John Jamieson (JJ)                               2Wins-14

8.      Chantal Wooliscroft                            2Wins-37

9.      John Porter (JP)                                   1Win-22

Club Championship Points will be awarded in the same manner, 6 for 1st, 5 for 2nd, etc., to each player in Teams competing in the Club Pairs and the Club Triples competitions.

Club Championship Points will decide the Club Champion 2019.